May 132013

Shavuot whipped cheese mousse

Rich, yet light, with just the right touch of fruit to make a festive Shavuot dessert.

Even after a rich dairy meal, the gang wants a dairy dessert. And who am I to say nay? I’m a sucker for anything white and creamy, myself. Like the apricot swirl cheesecake I concocted a couple of years ago.

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Mar 242013

image spicy moroccan fish balls

I kind of want to call this Sephardic gefilte fish.

Looking for a Passover  fish recipe and a little bored with my usual ones, I was glad to find this  in last December’s Al HaShulchan magazine. I modified it to include somewhat less chili.  The tender, juicy morsels are cooked in a soupy sauce, sort of like gefilte fish, but Eastern Europe never knew the olive oil, garlic and chili that give this dish its huge flavor kick. Not to mention plenty of cilantro – you’ll need a bunch and a half.

And it’s entirely kosher for Passover. The Little One liked it so much, she asked me to cook it for the Seder. Happy to oblige, darlin’ daughter.

In the meantime, let me wish you a happy and a kosher Passover, reader. This year in Jerusalem!

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Feb 202013


It’s going to be really close to Purim by the time I bake my old-fashioned hamentaschen. Time will run out on me before I photograph them – but in any case, I bake the same recipe every year, only varying the fillings as the fancy takes me.

So this year’s Purim recipe post invites you to choose one of many good ones that other Jewish bloggers have written up. Here’s a roundup of the Best of the Web’s three-cornered Purim morsels.

Joan Nathan’s Ultimate Hamentaschen (includes a cool video)

Guava and Cheese Hamentaschen from the Cuban Reuben

Guava and Cheese Hamentaschen

Apricot Hamentaschen from the Montreal Gazette

montreal gazette

Pear and Goat Cheese Hamentaschen from The Joy of Kosher

Classic, uncomplicated Hamentaschen from me-ander

6 Hamentaschen and Filling Recipes from Norene Gilletz

And finally, the recipe I use year after year: cookie dough Hamentaschen.

I really love how you can shlep good Jewish recipes from the cosmos these days, posted by an international cast of bloggers. Well, what’s the Internet for? Purim Sameach! And enjoy!






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