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Often I’ll survey the Purim baskets and feel like something’s missing. They’re not full enough, not pretty enough. What could be missing among all the cookies, candies, home-made liqueurs and preserves, fresh yeast rolls? Who knows, a Jewish woman goes meshuggah on Purim. At least, this one does.

So, to help cooks needing an eleventh-hour recipe to fill up baskets, here are links to all kinds of foods that make Purim gifts to friends and neighbors special.

How about hamine eggs?I’m making a whole bunch for Shabbat, and extras will go into Purim baskets.

Chocolate Fruit/Nut Clusters are divine, and so easy to make.

Got a sourdough starter? Make some sourdough apple muffins.

And here’s a savory cheese and tomato muffin recipe.

Honey-Orange Biscotti are good in baskets, being a fairly non-crumbly cookie.

Prune-Chocolate Bread: so, so delicious and rich.

Ma’amoul – cookies filled with dates or nuts.

Chickpea Sambusak – savory chickpea pastry

Orange Rolls are incredibly delicious. The recipe makes a lot, and you just pull them apart to pack into the baskets.

Then there are nut butters. A small jar of home-made nut butter is an original gift – and yum.

Ba’aba beh Tamur – Iraqi pastries stuffed with dates. Light and crisp.

These are just some ideas I culled from the archives. Go ahead and try one or two, or scroll through the site to get others.

I wish all of Clal Israel a Purim Sameach!



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  5 Responses to “Purim Recipes Roundup”

  1. Ma’amoul is so delicious. Always looking for new recipes.

  2. Happy Purim!

  3. Thanks, Liz. Hope your Purim was fun!

  4. We could barely even find hamantaschen to buy in our area of the world-! Thanks for expanding the possibilities for next year…. :)

  5. I read the story on your blog, Alexandra. Awesome blog, awesome parenthood! I hope next Purim your daughters will help you make tons of hamentaschen!

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