Jan 252013

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Happy Tu B’Shvat!

The Jewish new year for the trees falls this coming Shabbat, Friday the 25th of January, after nightfall.

If you’re plannng to conduct a Tu B’Shvat seder, here’s  a list of haggadot you can download.

And recipes with the Biblical seven species that grow in Israel, for your seder – enjoy!


Eggplant Stuffed With Burgul and Dried Fruit

Spiced Olives and Potatoes With Olives


Turkey Breast Stuffed With Fruit and Nuts

Roasted, Fruited Chicken


Sourdough Walnut Herb Bread

Basil Bread

Sourdough Onion Bread



Baba BeTamur – Iraqui Pastries Stuffed With Dates or Almonds

Chocolate Fruit/Nut Clusters

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  3 Responses to “Tu B’Shvat Recipes Roundup”

  1. Love your eggplant recipe with bulgur and dried fruit, as you know.

    The basil bread looks delicious too. I sent the recipe to a friend and she wonders why you write to turn the bread over during baking.

  2. I routinely turn my breads over for the last 5 minutes to ensure an even baking all through. If your bread doesn’t need that, skip the step! I detest under-baked bread as much as dried-out, over-baked bread. I guess you have to know your oven.

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